Asphalt Paving Professionals

Are you looking for asphalt pavement installation or renovations? Rely on the experienced professionals at Hotrock to discuss the needs of your next project. Contact us anytime for a FREE estimate.

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Pavement Repairs and Maintenance

Increase the lifespan of your existing asphalt with isolated asphalt repair areas. Our seal coating and pavement striping services are also available to restore aestetics of your parking lots.

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Concrete Repair

Cracked and failing concrete can pose a liability concern for your tenants and pedestrians. Hotrock performs a wide array of concrete repair and installation services, ranging from sidewalks to catch basin surrounds.

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Excavation and Drainage

From new parking lot installations to land clearing, Hotrock has the excavation experience to bring your project to life.

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Hotrock Services and Products

We offer a full array of services to complete your next project, no matter how large or small.

  • New asphalt installation, including site preparation, excavation, and earthwork.
  • Asphalt milling and recovery.
  • Asphalt resurfacing.
  • Asphalt repairs and maintenance; Flush asphalt repairs (not overlay repairs).
  • Asphalt seal coating and crack filling.
  • Concrete removal and replacement.
  • Concrete integral curbing and extruded dowel curbing.
  • Demolition and land clearing.

How We Do It

We take pride in our hands on approach throughout the entire construction process, from our initial sales meeting to project completion.

Free Project Estimate Consultation

One of our project experts will meet you at your project site to discuss your potential needs and specific requirements.

Project Review

We compile and provide a complete overview and detailed proposal outlining your project scope. We negotiate with our suppliers to ensure you receive the most competitive pricing.

Project Planning

Once you accept our proposal and scope of work. We maintain constant communication with regard to scheduling and projet specific logistics to ensure a clear path exists to commencement.

Project Completion

Our dedicated team completes your project to the highest industry standards. We do not walk away from any project for which the quality does not meet standards we would accept at our own homes.

What Our Clients Say

Our team places our client's satisfaction above all else. We strive to produce the very best product each and every time.

Dear Folks,
Just wanted to let you all know how pleased we are with the way our refurbished asphalt driveway came out. It looks like it was very well done, with the surface perfectly aligned with the abutting concrete. No asphalt or tar where it didn't need to be. Thank you for all your work on it. You obviously know your stuff! Thanks Again

We hired Asphalt Services & Construction (Hotrock) to repair our driveway. Company is efficient and gave us a beautiful new driveway ! Can't say enough positives.